About Us

We not only promise to deliver beautiful landscaping, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up. We leave every site looking great! 

Our Services Include:

Lawn Maintenance         $25.00 and up

Will maintain your lawn all year long or a one time visit! Lawn service always includes mowing, trimming and blowing grass off of your drive and curb.  We also offer to bag your lawn clippings at an additional charge.


We offer several different types of mulch that are popular in the Tennessee area.  Mulch service includes cleaning/removal of existing mulch and installation of the new product.


design, installation and service

We customize every irrigation system to best fit your specific needs. Take the hassle out of keeping a healthy, beautiful lawn with a Rain Bird irrigation system. Reference's available. 

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your curb appeal and make your property stand out from others on your street!  Outdoor lighting is an easy project that has a large impact on your home.

Bush Trimming

We will leave your bushes looking beautiful and designed just how you like. This service is best utilized in conjunction with mulching.  We offer this to bushes and trees less than 15 feet tall.

Outdoor Pond Maintenance 

If you have an existing outdoor pond or need help installing one, AFA Lawn Care can clean and maintain outdoor ponds and save you the time and hassle! 

Aeration (Late Sept-Nov.)

Aeration is the process of plugging small holes into your lawn to allow water, oxygen and fertilizer to reach the root system of your grass.  Our service also includes "flagging" your irrigation system.


Typically offer 4-5 times per year in this area.  Our service includes spreading the appropriate fertilizer at the appropriate time of year! Use this service in conjunction with your core aeration

Holiday Decor 

This is a new service offered by AFA Lawn Care.  You design it, we make it happen! After the Holidays, AFA will take down and help you store your decorations until next season.  Service STARTS in late October! 

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